Masada Collage
Torah Stream
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Masada College Torah Stream Introduction

The Torah Stream has three Jewish Studies classes per day and fifteen classes per week. These classes begin approximately one hour before the regular Masada College classes begin and allow the Torah Stream students an extended tefillah, as well as an extra period of class time. The program is based on a traditional Jewish day school curriculum and focuses on teaching the students the skills to become proficient and self directed Jewish learners. The students learn to read Hebrew in Kindergarten and are immersed in their Hebrew and Jewish Studies from day one. There is a strong focus on learning Chumash skills from Year 2 and Mishna and Gemarah in Years 5 and 6 giving the students the tools to be well educated and proud members of the Jewish community. 

The Masada College Torah Stream vision extends through the primary school providing an enriching and full Jewish education from Kindergarten through Year 6.



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