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Masada College Torah Stream

With great excitement Masada College embarked on another historic and visionary endeavour. Our goal was simple, to create ONE Vision, ONE Team, to unite our ONE great community.  The successful consolidation of our Junior School at St Ives provided perfect timing for this initiative and the entire community embraced a culture of unity and harmony. We could not think of more auspicious time to establish Masada College’s Torah Stream.

As our community has grown and matured, so have our needs with a growing observant community here in St Ives; a community of young families, Masada College graduates that have children of their own, and who need a school to cater to their academic and religious needs.  Masada College is so very proud to be providing an educational option for all of the North Shore’s children.

Rabbis’ Barak Cohen and Evan Widmonte worked diligently to create an elective Judaic Studies program which commenced in 2015 with the goal of offering an accelerated Jewish Studies curriculum for any of Masada College’s Junior School students.  For the majority of the regular school day, all students learn general studies together in a single integrated class, the Torah Stream Program is an option with its own Judaic Studies program offering a more in-depth study of Torah topics.


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