Masada College adopts the approach of Torah im Derech Eretz (Torah with the ways of the world) as its guiding belief. Masada encourages a commitment to and appreciation of Judaism and its values. The teaching of Torah, Talmud, Halacha, Tefillah and Hebrew together with an emphasis on outstanding discipline, respect, Midot, Chessed and observance, is our principle aim.

As the Torah Stream moves into the Senior School, students will continue to participate in the excellent secular and Jewish studies curriculum on offer at Masada College. This unique blend is designed to enable students, on graduation, to enter the very best Yeshivot/Seminaries and Universities.



The Torah Stream has three classes per day and 15 classes a week. These begin about one hour before the regular Masada College classes begin and allow the Torah Stream students an extended tefillah, as well as an extra period of class time.

The program is based on a traditional Jewish Day School curriculum and focuses on teaching students the skills to become proficient and self-directed Jewish learners. They learn to read and write Hebrew in Kindergarten and are immersed in Hebrew and Jewish Studies from the outset. There is a strong focus on learning Chumash skills from Year 2 and Mishna and Gemarah in Years 5 and 6, giving the students the tools to be well-educated and proud members of the Jewish community.

The Masada College Torah Stream vision extends through the Junior School providing an enriching and full Jewish education from Kindergarten through Year 6.  In 2019, the Torah Stream program will continue into the Senior School.


Torah Stream students participate in all co-curricular programs offered across the College.

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