Masada College Torah High: A foundation for both inspired, skilled talmidim and inquisitive, accomplished students.

The Masada College HIVE of Potential is excited to announce the launch of our innovative Torah High: a standalone educational offering that provides students with a combination of secular and Kodesh excellence taught in its own classrooms, on the Masada College campus.

With a renowned history of academic excellence facilitated by experienced and trained teachers, the Masada College Torah High is able to offer both boys and girls separate classes which allow for 14 hours of dedicated Kodesh studies per week, taught by specific Kodesh teachers in subjects like Kriah, Kesivah, Yedios Klalios, Chumash, Tanach, Mishna and Gemarah.

In addition, the Torah High has a separate timetable from the rest of the College with a few points of interaction at certain co- curricular activities such as debating and communal events like Yom Hashoah and Anzac Day.

A day at the Masada College Torah High begins with davening at 7:15 followed by 2 hours of uninterrupted Kodesh- learning time. Smaller classes allow for greater attention offered to our students. A combination of expertly- trained teachers in both Kodesh and secular studies means that our school can accommodate all kinds of learning needs in the nurturing, inclusive environment that Masada College is known for.

Masada College Torah High is currently open to Year 7 and 8.
Scholarships are available.

To enrol or to book a tour of the Masada College Torah High Campus, contact our Head of Enrolments: or call 9449 3744



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