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Leading Learning
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Raising Responsibility

The real power, the real influence of parents and teachers, is not what young people do when they are with adults; it is what young people do when they are not.

The importance of taking responsibility for your actions is something children need to be taught from an early age. The central theme to our Leading Learning educational package is Responsibility. The personal responsibility for the behaviours our students display at school is the core to the Raising Responsibility System (RRS). The system developed by Dr Marvin Marshall has its foundations in the acceptance of our actions, the realisation of the impact of our actions on others and the commitment to, if necessary, change our behaviours to meet the expectations and needs of those around us.

At Masada College we have adopted this behaviour management system which ensures that in all facets of daily school life our students are reflecting on their own personal responsibility, academically and behaviourally. The system involves the completion of the Self Reflection Sheet that enables the student and teacher to calmly and rationally reflect, discuss and commit to change any behaviours that do not meet expectations.

The Hierarchy of Social Development, determining whether their behaviour is above or below the line of acceptability, is a key part of the process and is a simple yet effective way for each child to determine for themselves if their behaviour is meeting expectations.

Discipline through punishment has long been argued to be counter-productive and meaningless for all involved. The Raising Responsibility System moves well away from this and has its focus on the behaviours exhibited and how best to modify these behaviours for the student’s own personal growth.

Similarly, Stephen Covey's Habit One, Be Proactive®, reminds us that between the stimulus and the response there is a pause and it is in this paused time that we can take responsibility for our reaction. 

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