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Leading Learning
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Culture of Thinking

At Masada College, students are all encouraged to become an active part of our inspirational Culture of Thinking.

A Culture of Thinking is a learning environment which values independent thinking, awareness of how thinking happens and deeper understanding of content. At Masada College, our approach is to help students move away from a spoon-feeding culture, towards a culture where they see the value of thinking for themselves.

Taking our inspiration from the Project Zero team at Harvard University, our Culture of Thinking has two goals: on the one hand, to nurture students' thinking dispositions, and, on the other, to deepen their understanding of content. In terms of their thinking, we help Masada College students to develop mindsets which are curious, reflective and critical, encouraging them to become alert to thinking and learning opportunities and eager to take them.

Our teachers at Masada College are skilled in planning lessons and programs that actively encourage thinking and metacognition. We are unique amongst schools in New South Wales in the way that all of our teachers attend fortnightly focus group meetings, sharing ideas and research which enriches our students’ learning experience.

At Masada College, we know that academic excellence is achieved by students who are innovative, open-minded, empathetic and questioning. Our Culture of Thinking program helps students to build the foundations for lifelong learning and outstanding academic achievement. 

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Making the Most of Opportunities from The Learner's Way
What should our goal for student thinking be? How do we scaffold student thinking in ways that are meaningful while developing autonomy and encouraging students to think effectively when we are not there? What would success with thinking strategies look like? These were the challenging questions that Mark Church presented to teachers at the most recent 'Cultures of Thinking Teach Meet’ hosted by Masada article.

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