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Leading Learning
Leading Learning
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Leading Learning Educational Package

Masada College is committed to providing schooling which is appropriate for all our learners enabling them to be effective young people who make a difference. The world our children are growing up in will be different, and we need to educate them for their future, not our past.

At Masada College, through our Leading Learning educational package, we respect students’ talents, develop their creativity, their sense of responsibility, thinking skills and encourage them at all times to strive for their personal best.

Through our experiential learning approach which is entwined with our Culture of Thinking Program and our Raising Responsibility behaviour management system, learners develop critical thinking, problem solving, improved decision making, educated risk taking and a curiosity and love for learning.

We work closely with each individual child to develop personal strengths and capabilities helping them to explore themselves and their world in a structured and safe environment. At Masada College we are small enough for each student’s needs to be identified and supported, but large enough to offer the widest possible opportunities, both in and out of the classroom.

Here is a symbolic look at our Leading Learning package. Our focus is on the whole child, being nurtured both spiritually, socially and emotionally, while being provided the best academic opportunities in a safe, caring environment. We aim to maximise success by working in close partnership, parents, students and staff. At the centre of all we do is our shared goal of fostering students’ sense of personal responsibility, whether it be for their own learning, own behaviour or own future.

We have three key components to our package:

Our Culture of Thinking which moves away from the concept of spoon feeding knowledge, to developing in our students thinking dispositions that enable them to develop an understanding of their own thought processes and in doing so become more creative,
critical, empathetic thinkers.

Our Leader in Me® program, based on Stephen Covey’s seven habits of highly effective people, provides us with a common language and key tools to guide our students to be self motivated and directed, as well as equipping them with organisation and planning , relationship building and teamwork skills. Through the program we aim to develop our students’ confidence and have each child recognise the leader within themselves.

Our behavioural management Raising Responsibility system, based on that developed by Dr Marvin Marshall, encourages students to reflect on their own behaviour and take responsibility for it.

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