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At Masada College, our Leader in Me® program focuses on developing and recognising the leader in each child. By providing students with a diverse range of co-curricular programs we are able to extend their range of experiences, develop their personal interests and strengths and provide them with personal challenges. Students are able to bring the principles of Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, part of our Leading Learning educational package, in to their co-curricular programs which are often based on interpersonal skills (seek first to understand) , co-operational skills (synergise), organisational skills (first things first), planning skills (start with the end in mind) and being proactive. Through their involvement students’ confidence and self esteem are strengthened and their world view widened.

Camp Sababa
Masada College is very proud to be part of Camp Sababa. Annually our Year 12 students and many of our families, along with students from Moriah College and Emanuel School, are involved in running a four day camp for children with disabilities. Students attend workshops/training sessions to prepare for the special needs of their charge. Parents of these children are often given their first respite from the endless demands placed upon them and their family, and our students have a life changing experience and form lasting relationships.

Charity Committee and Chesed Program
The Charity Committee at Masada College is a dynamic and well supported part of the school.  Whilst the Committee raises funds for needy causes, the majority of what we do focuses around working for and helping the community. Our students cook and deliver meals to members of the community. The students babysit, buddy children with disabilities, visit the sick and elderly and walk Monika’s dogs.    

Masada College offers Chess as a positive, stimulating and wholesome recreational activity. Students of different ages, genders and skills meet on a weekly basis to enjoy the game, compete in a friendly environment, cheer on their peers and socialise with other like-minded students. Masada also offers an annual Chess Competition in which students across all grades are able to compete, and as demonstrated in the past, the competition brings out excellent grace and sportsmanship from all competitors.

There is the opportunity to study Chinese in the classroom in Years 9 and 10 as an elective and for non Jewish students in Years 7 and 8. All students have the chance to study through a co-curricular after school program pending numbers.

Skye's Performing Arts Academy - Years K to 12 Timetable for Jazz 2017

da Vinci Decathlon
The Knox Grammar da Vinci Decathlon Competition is an academic interschool gala day operated in the spirit of an Olympic Decathlon, with a variety of events of an academic nature. With approximately 35 schools participating in each year group, schools enter teams of eight. The competition involves teams from Years 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. The events are as follows: Mathematics, English, Science, Code Breaking, Forensic Sleuths, Creative Producers, Art and Poetry, Games of Strategy, General Knowledge and Engineering Challenge.

Debating is becoming an increasingly popular program at Masada, with students from Years 7-11 competing in a variety of interschool competitions, including HICES and Inter Jewish Day Schools, with impressive results.   

Co-Curricular Drama will give students an opportunity to develop skills in public speaking, performance, problem solving and team work through drama games and activities that ensure students are being creative and having fun. Taught by a graduate of the National Institution of Dramatic Arts, our Senior School Drama teacher Ms Ellana Costa. These weekly classes will help students develop invaluable skills that they will carry into adulthood.

Duke of Edinburgh 
Many of our students, on reaching 15 years of age, choose to take up the challenge offered by the Duke of Edinburgh program. This involves camping expeditions, community work and skill developments that all build their independence and confidence. Students work their way through the various levels, with several senior students each year reaching the ultimate gold status.   

Environment Club 
In the Environment Club we strive to maintain and improve the environment of the school and the wider environment. We try to raise awareness of environmental issues and hold activities such as Clean Up Schools Day and an Environment Week, as examples. We are also in the process of setting up a small school garden in which students will propagate, grow and take care of a small ‘plot’ and a hanging garden. This has involved recycling food scraps to improve the soil and use of newspaper for small pots in which to grow cuttings. We also recycle much of the waste paper throughout the school through regular lunchtime collections.  We are also the proud owners of a beehive (non-stinging variety).    

Informal Jewish Life 
The Jewish Life department offers a number of avenues for students to experience their Judaism. From “Lunch and Learn” in a warm, fun environment, to hands on cooking in soup kitchens, to feeding the needy before major Jewish festivals. We provide a combination of learning and action to build our students in a wholesome fashion. THE JEM (Jewish Experience @ Masada) team of Madrichim ensure there is always something going on and that students are engaged in their Judaism outside of the classrooms.

Mock Trial 
The Law Society Mock Trial Competition is open to students in Years 10 and 11. In moot teams consisting of the roles of barristers, solicitor, witnesses and court official, students prepare either the prosecution or defence presenting a case against another school. Each participating school is involved in four rounds of the competition before it develops into a knock-out competition. The team is coached by a practising solicitor who volunteers to assist, as well as teachers with law degrees.


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Public Affairs  
Our students are encouraged to enter a variety of competitions and we have had many successes in these over the years. Our senior girls have repeatedly been the winners of the Zonta Women in Public Affairs competition and Lions Youths of the Year. Students participate in a variety of youth forums, including with Ku-ring-gai Council, NSW Government and Federal Government run forums, as well as those run by a variety of community organisations and schools.  Our students have regularly been recipients of the Commendation Certificate for Youth Order of Australia and have been presented at Government House.

Public Speaking
Students are offered the opportunity to partake in a variety of public speaking competitions including Rotary, Lions Youth, Zonta, Rostrum, Legacy and Sydney Morning Herald. All Senior School students participate in the annual Masada Public Speaking Competition.

Re-Bow is a student formed committee – Rebuilding Our World. Students aim to raise awareness amongst their peers on global issues of concern.                                                                                                  

Masada College offers an extensive range of sports and physical activities to satisfy a variety of needs. Students who thrive on competition have the opportunity to participate in interschool sport. They are also able to continue their representation to higher levels; to zone, association, state and even national level. For those students who prefer recreational participation we have a diverse assortment of activities which are also on offer - click here to view more.

Tech Crew 
The Masada Tech Crew assists with most events on the College calendar. The Masada Tech Crew receives training and then consequently provides support in lighting, sound and digital video production. Much of the work done by the Tech Crew is in their own time. 

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