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Head of Senior School/Head of Curriculum

Masada College has had a consistent record of academic excellence as measured by our students’ performance in a wide variety of interests, competitions and external examinations. In the NSW Higher School Certificate (HSC), Masada College has performed in the top echelons year after year.

Unmeasured by league tables, and left unpublicised, are the real success stories, of our less academically gifted students, who through our nurturing and sometimes through additional support by our Learning Support Team, gain results that way exceed anyone’s, including their own, expectations.

Along with our Leading Learning educational package, a variety of other factors support our students of all abilities, thereby maximising their potential. Prominent among them are teacher experience, excellence and dedication, close partnerships with parents and our focus on tailoring the teaching and curriculum to fit in with the needs of the individual student. The development of thinking dispositions through the Culture of Thinking Routines ensures that Masada students take their learning to a new level with a deeper understanding of what is required to not only succeed in the examinations but in every lesson and task they undertake.

The education offered to Masada students is one that caters for all. There is a need to develop a sense of responsibility within our young people and this is a central theme in the teaching and learning offered. Teachers at Masada College set high expectations of their students, promoting the asking of ‘what makes you say that?’ which extends students of all abilities.

Masada College stands committed to offering learning that is at the forefront of education. The students are given a range of opportunities to experience the many different forms of technology that can be found in contemporary Teaching and Learning. We have several classrooms with full class sets of computers, which are equipped with all the necessary programs and applications for cutting edge learning. The access to smartboards across the College allows teachers and learners to only be limited by their imagination when experiencing the many varied ways of making learning more relevant, interactive and exciting.

We pride ourselves in developing students who are leaders in their academic achievements and can confidently enter their chosen career path with a solid understanding of what is needed to succeed. Every year, our graduates successfully move on to the tertiary institutions of their choice, many doing so on scholarships.

To discover more about the curriculum offered at Masada College for your child please visit the Curriculum pages on this site and the academic highlights of our HSC classes.

David Cook
Head of Senior School
Head of Curriculum

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