Masada Collage
Junior School

Junior School's Welcome

Masada College Junior School is fortunate to boast a dynamic team of highly competent, experienced teachers who are passionate about their personal learning and the learning journeys they create for their students. This creates an atmosphere and vibe that supports our students to achieve the best possible academic results whilst learning the skills necessary to be worthwhile citizens in the world around them, now, and in their futures.

Opportunities abound in the Junior School as we focus on offering each student a program that best supports their learning style and learning needs. This ranges from the formal curriculum to the use of interest based classes, personalised learning experiences and individual mentoring. Our curriculum provides the opportunity to develop individual skills and critical thinking to support learning and achievement.

On all levels we encourage our students to take responsibility for their own learning. Some activities will allow for small group work or working with a partner, some lean more towards the whole year group working together and at times the students will be split into groups that best suit their needs.

We aim to make the most of each student’s individuality to ensure they can make connections between their abilities, passions and experiences. At Masada College we are small enough for each student to be well known and supported, but large enough to offer the widest possible opportunities.

Through our Leading Learning educational package we offer our students the challenge of achieving personal excellence in all areas of school life, working to their personal strengths and talents. We encourage our students to think deeper, risk more and adventure further to enrich their learning and success. We aim to give our students the self confidence to know that they can make a difference to their world.

We educate the thinkers of today and tomorrow.


Masada College is a member of the
Jewish Communal Appeal family of
Communal Organsations