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In 1962 a group of Jewish parents on Sydney’s North Shore set up the North Shore Jewish Kindergarten. Four years later, in 1966, realising that the future of the North Shore Jewish community would depend on the existence of a Jewish Day School, they established Masada Primary School. The school began with fourteen students housed on the premises of the North Shore Synagogue in Lindfield and its growth was rapid and impressive. Within a few short years, the North Shore Jewish community could boast a thriving Jewish Primary School.

It soon became apparent that a High School was also needed. This was established in 1982 and the following year it was relocated to the newly-purchased campus in St Ives (now known as the Michael Faktor Campus). Initially, the High School had 60 students in Years Seven and Eight. An Early Learning Centre was created on the St Ives campus at this time. The campus also became the home of the new Kehillat Masada and in 1990 the Rachael and Reuben Pelerman Centre was added to the campus. The Sir Asher Joel Beit Knesset was extended and upgraded in 2003, along with the campus’ Resource Centre.

By 2014 Masada College farewelled its Lindfield site and consolidated on one campus in St Ives. This was a momentous event in Masada's history.

Today Masada College hosts some 600 students on two campuses. It is a well-established school providing top-class Jewish and secular education from Early Learning Centre to HSC, ensuring Jewish continuity and growth on the North Shore.


We are an Australian school, taking pride in being Australian and endeavouring to train our students to be excellent citizens of this wonderful country. We strive to make them appreciative of the history and achievements of Australia and all its peoples, celebrating successes, commemorating historical landmarks and establishing indigenous programs.

We are a nurturing school and want every student of Masada College to feel as if they are a member of a family with all the benefits and responsibilities which that entails. Based on the precept that every member of our community is responsible for every other member, we make it a priority to ensure that all of our children feel appreciated, understood and loved. Our Leader in Me program reinforces these concepts.

While the College’s philosophy is based on Modern Orthodox traditions, it enjoys the diversity of the traditions and cultures of its students and their families. A strong sense of understanding of one’s heritage and of one’s community is central to our teaching.

We aim to raise the level of responsibility in our students through our Leading Learning educational package which includes our Raising Responsibility behavioural management system, our Leader in Me programs and our Reggio Emilia and Culture of Thinking pedagogy which nurtures independent, critical thinkers and life long learners.

Academic Excellence

Since its inception Masada College has had a consistent record of academic excellence as measured by our students' performance in a wide variety of tests, competitions and external examination. In the NSW Higher School Certificate (HSC), Masada College has performed in the top echelons year after year, consistently being placed in the top schools in NSW for its overall results and for specific subject areas.

These results are achieved through a variety of factors: prominent among them are teacher excellence and dedication, close partnerships with parents, our focus on tailoring the teaching and curriculum to fit in with the needs of the individual and a high teacher student ratio.  All of these factors are integrated into our Leading Learning educational package.

Every year our graduates emerge with the highest academic achievements and move into various fields of tertiary study.  Their academic training, together with the leadership skills and Jewish values on which we place so much emphasis, ensure that they are well rounded, community minded, Australian citizens, life long learners and independent, creative thinkers.

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