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Masada College is a community school which welcomes all students. The College prides itself on focusing on the individual needs of each and every student. The Leading Learning educational package has been developed to create responsible, community minded, ethical and well balanced graduates that are able to contribute to society and realise their ambitions. The College has embraced the Culture of Thinking program as well as the Covey Leadership principles. Using these leading edge programs, along with a strong Jewish values based ethos the students are well equipped to reach their full potential during and after they leave school. The College has a proud tradition of being open to all students, no matter what their religious or ethnic background. This is consistent with the Jewish Modern Orthodox ethos of the school, that teaches tolerance and respect for all.

The College has a proud tradition of achieving excellent results in a nurturing environment. The HSC results are consistently amongst the highest in the State. Central to our success is working together as a team and looking after the needs of all in the Masada community that includes teachers, parents and especially our students. Masada is a medium size school and this enables all students to be known by all staff, which is a real positive in their continued development.

The role of the Board is to set policy, agree the strategic plan, appoint the College Principal, and implement a prudent financial plan for the College. The Board, the College Executive and the P & F, all work together through a range of activities and sub-committees to ensure the ongoing success of the College.

I thank you for taking the time to visit our website and encourage you to explore in more detail what the College has to offer. There are wonderful and exciting opportunities available to all our students. Masada has a sound future and will continue to serve the community by producing well rounded students, and will ensure Jewish continuity on the North Shore.

David Guth 
President Board of Management
Masada College

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